Friday, March 27, 2009

The Perfect Honeymoon Purse

Check out these adorable little purses from Clementine. They come in these three vibrant colors, the perfect honeymoon accessory! And black too for all you practical ladies out there!

The Local designer Lindy Taylor-Williams constructs her purses, clutches, and wallets with removable and washable linings, wrist straps, and pockets cut to fit all manner of iThings. The bags are made in Bellevue from Napa and Italian leathers. (courtesy of Daily Candy)

4447 California Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98116

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Your Average Boutonniere

Need some inspiration to spice up your boutonniere selection? Here are some fresh new ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings that certainly make this little wedding floral detail more exciting. Between choosing flower colors, texture, ribbon, and's almost as detailed as selecting the style of a bridal bouquet! Get creative and add personality to your boutonniere...the options are as endless as your creativity!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Green & Pink

I can't get enough of this color combo - PINK & GREEN! One of my new favorite blogs is Toasts & Tables many great ideas if you're in need of inspiration. I thought this table setting was simply adorable! Keeping the flower arrangements in groups of color instead of mixing and matching in each vase has a nice modern yet bold affect.

TIP:You get a lot of bang for your buck when you do flower groupings by color...a solid color arrangement has such an impact that you don't need as many flowers to get a full look.

Craving Spring!

With all the rain and clouds we've been having this week, I've been in need of some bright fun colors to lift my spirits! Here are some beautiful yellow inspired bouquets and centerpiece ideas. The thing I love about yellow is you can make your 'look' fresh by mixing it with greens, whites and pinks or create a warm subtle look by mixing it with oranges and reds.
TIP: You will always get a more subtle look by mixing colors together that are next to each other on the color wheel. (photos courtesy of Brooklyn Bride)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Psychology

Having trouble selecting what colors you want to use for your big day? Maybe start by thinking about what overall 'feeling' you want to create for your guests. The following may help you narrow down your pallette:

RED - love, warmth, intensity, comfort, excitement
BLUE - calmness, serentiy, peaceful, tranquil
GREEN - stress relieving, symbolizes nature, calming
YELLOW - cheery, attention grabbing, warm
ORANGE - energizing, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth
BROWN - strength, reliable, earthy
PURPLE - royalty, wealth, wisdom, spirituality
WHITE - purity, innocence

Of course combining colors and textures is also what helps creates the overall feeling of a space. Whether you go bold or subtle stick to your theme and remember to always let your personality shine through!

Damask Patterns....Love it all!

Damask is becoming quite popular in both home decor and wedding themes! I enjoy the look because of it's classic design and elegant, timeless feel. Most popular is the black and white damask pattern, which creates a contemporary look. But don't be afraid to add splashes of color to add even more pop and personality!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Begining...

So I've finally started a blog! Now I just need to get familiar with the website so I can start sharing all my thoughts and design ideas! It's time to get inspired....